Saturday, May 11, 2013

Converting EULUMDAT to IES (How To Video)

Converting EULUMDAT files to IES is easy using EulumdatTools. This video show how easy.

Validating EULUMDAT files (How To Video)

Setting up the EULUMDAT validator can be a bit difficult, but the basics are covered here.

Validating EULUMDAT files

Instructions are in below viseo.

Importing photometric files from ZIP archive (How To Video)

You created the project and now it's time to import some files. You can do that from the file system, but also directly from a ZIP archive.

Importing photometric files from ZIP archive

Select the destination folder and press right mouse button Import.... From General choose Archive File. For full instructions see below video.

Creating a new project (How To video)

You downloaded and installed EulumdatTools and now you want to know what to do next.

Create a new project

To use EulumdatTools to convert or validate photometric files you should first create a new EulumdatTools project. This video explains how.