Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Online lighting design site www.fold1.com goes mobile!

The last couple of years has seen a steady rise in the screen resolutions of the visitors to my online lighting calculation site Fast Online Lighting Design. In some months I see screens as large as 3200 x 1600 pixels!

Big screens keep getting bigger 
Recently however a new group of very low screen resolutions has started appearing in the visitor logs. These must be smart phones like iPhone and Android and tablets, like iPad.
Small screens now mean smart phones visit you.

So I have adjusted the screen layout to work better on iPhone and iPad, mostly by setting a viewport and by making the page elements flow to adapt to portrait or landscape orientation. I also cleaned up the jvascript using the very capable jQuery library.
iPhone in landscape mode 480 x 320
iPad in portrait 768 x 1024
Next step is to make it touch aware: swiping the design alternatives from left to right and back and increasing and decreasing sizes and values using finger gestures rather than the standard web widgets.

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