Friday, December 10, 2010

New EulumdatTools 0.7.2.v20101210 released

Today we released version 0.7.2.v20101210 of EulumdatTools, Eclipse based workbench for photometric files.

Version 0.7.2.v20101210 is available as an update to the standalone version EulumdatTools RCP and EulumdatTools plugin for use in the Eclipse IDE. How to upgrade: To upgrade select menu Help/Check for Updates and follow from there.

This update contains numerous improvements with regard to:
  • handling of files with some symmetry and non-equidistant C-planes in the photometry, that failed until now.
  • handling of different character sets: all the ISO-8859-x character sets are now recognized in addition to UTF-8. This is especially useful for those converting IES files of lamps produced by Chinese manufacturers. Also product names with accented characters as found in EULUMDAT files of European manufacturers are now handled properly.
  • Proper handling of changed product geometry specs in IES format LM-63-2002.
  • Some speed improvements in the conversion and validation routines.

Please note that the same improvements are deployed to the online IES-EULUMDAT and EULUMDAT-IES converters found at IES2EULUMDAT.

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