Thursday, November 15, 2012

A new version of EulumdatTools 0.9.9.v2012115 released

A new version of EulumdatTools 0.9.9.v20121115 was published on November 15th at The hardcoded beta-expiry date is extended to 2013-04-01. The Validator options that are not available in the UNREGISTERED or EXPIRED version are now dimmed. These are:
  • product code not empty
  • product code format (pattern)
  • power (wattage) not zero
  • correct manufacturer name (pattern)
  • correct filename field
  • correct date and protocol field (pattern)
  • defined Direct Flux Factors (not zero)
  • correct Direct Flux Factors
  • correct LOR
  • correct Down Flux
In general these also don't work in UNREGISTERED or EXPIRED versions:
  • content assist (lamp types) and syntax coloring in the EULUMDAT Text Editor
  • no popups when opening EULUMDAT Editor
  • unlimited batch IES to EULUMDAT and vice versa conversion
  • unregistered checks only known lamp type, registered also checks:
Validator preferences could only be set at the global level, applying to all projects. Since the previous version these validator preferences can also be set on the project level, providing more flexibility. Also there the options are limited in UNREGISTERED or EXPIRED versions. PerProjectPreferences Apply for 30 day free evaluation license at the installation site


For use in Eclipse you can use the standard Eclipse update site For stand alone RCP versions of EulumdatTools choose your platform and perform update after installation.:

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