Saturday, January 25, 2014

Improved lamp suggestions in new EulumdatTools release 0.10.1.v20140123

A new version of EulumdatTools 0.10.1.v20140123 was published on January 23 at Release 0 10 1v20140123 Improvements and bug fixes for 0.10.1.v20140123 are as follows:
  • Fixed a serious problem with conversion of EULUMDAT files with C90-C270 symmetry to IES format. This format is mostly used for public lighting so should affect limited users.
  • Improved suggestion proposals for lamp designations lamp in the content assist.
  • General improvements in code structure and test coverage, preparing for release 1.0.0.
  • The version number was updated to 0.10.1 already on January 6.

Registered users should upgrade using Check for upgrades. New users can download an apply for 30 day free evaluation license at the installation site


For use in Eclipse you can use the standard Eclipse update site For stand alone RCP versions of EulumdatTools choose your platform and perform update after installation.:

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