Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Improved photometric distribution display

A new version of EulumdatTools 0.10.2.v20140413 was published on April 13 at http://www.fold1.com/eulumdattools/. Following a discussion on the public Lighting Simulation group on LinkedIn about the order of data in Eulumdat files for C90-C270 symmetry products the following changes were made:
  • The column headings in the CGamma tab in the editors with EULUMDAT files with C90-C270 symmetry now display the proper planes. This format is mostly used for public lighting so should affect limited users. Colum headings C90 C270
  • The C-planes and quadrants are more clearly marked in the CGamma distribution graphic. Photometric distribution
  • The version number was updated to 0.10.2.
See the LinkedIn discussion for details

Registered users should upgrade using Check for upgrades. New users can download an apply for 30 day free evaluation license at the installation site


For use in Eclipse you can use the standard Eclipse update site For stand alone RCP versions of EulumdatTools choose your platform and perform update after installation.:

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