Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Exporting UF Tables and new expiry

A new version of EulumdatTools 0.11.1.v20140806 was published on August 6 at http://www.fold1.com/eulumdattools/ to replace the non-working 0.11.0.v20140804. In addition to the existing export of "ERCO-like" E/100lux/m2 tables EulumdatTools can now also export "UF" or Utilization Factor tables in line with LiTG publication 3.5 directly from correct EULUMDAT files.
  • Export of UF tables with user selectable reflectance triplets for Ceiling, Wall and Working Plane.
  • Changed the hard coded expiry date for this version to 2015-01-01.
  • The version number was updated to 0.11.0.
The Utilisation Factor method uses the following formula to calculate the illuminance EN: $$E_N = \frac{ LLF . n . \phi . UF }{a . b}$$ The required number of luminaires n can be calculated with the following formula: $$n = \frac{ E_N . a. b }{\phi . UF . LLF}$$ Where
Illuminance in lux
Light Loss Factor
width of space
length of space
Luminous flux of luminaire
utilization factor from table
number of luminaires

Registered users should upgrade using Check for upgrades. New users can download an apply for 30 day free evaluation license at the installation site


For use in Eclipse you can use the standard Eclipse update site For stand alone RCP versions of EulumdatTools choose your platform and perform update after installation.:

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